Lon Answers to Simple Questions - About

The history of Long Answers to Simple Questions is a lengthy tale.

It all started when LAtSQ founder and Creative Director Tom Davis was a wee tacker of nine years old and was given a pogo stick for Christmas. By late afternoon the pogo was broken, but it was a very short bound from there to Canberra’s Warehouse Circus, which is where all this really started.

A short decade or so later Davis was a student at Melbourne’s prestigious circus school NICA, where he specialised in hat juggling and naked hoop diving.

Since graduating in 2010 Davis has spent large chunks of time gallivanting about the country entertaining regional school kids with Solid State Circus, and since 2012 has worked as an annual guest trainer for the Sandfly Circus in Broome and on community in Fitzroy Crossing.

Under the banner of his own fledgling production company Long Answers to Simple Questions he wrote and directed a solo circus theatre show, The Great Big Circus Adventure, a show for teens about family relationships and the history of Australian Circus, which he performed at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2012 and 2013.

In May 2013 LAtSQ entered and won the Gasworks Circus Showdown with the ensemble show LEFT, which explored ideas around the importance of community and family, and the realities of loss. After this win Creative Director and performer Tom Davis was promptly snapped up by Circus Oz and was whisked away to spend the next 6 months slinging hats from Darwin to Montreal.

Upon his return to Australia, Davis gathered his old cast and a collection of new performers and together they developed LEFT into a full length production which was staged to the delight of audiences and critics alike in the Winter of 2014.

Following on from this success, Melbourne Fringe Festival audiences were invited closer, into the intimate surrounds of the Melba Spiegeltent’s theatre-in-the-round where the performers immersed the viewers completely in this moving and exciting show.

LEFT was awarded the Melbourne Fringe 2014 People's Choice Award.

Now, Long Answers is filling the 2015 calendar with festivals. Following on from performing at SummerSalt Festival and the Adelaide Fringe Festival at the start of the year,  LEFT will be staged at the Burrinja Circus Festival on July 4, and the Sydney Fringe Festival from 22-26 September 2015.

Which pretty much brings us up to now.

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